New Nurses & Hospitals

Dear Jacob,

I trust everything is OK? I’m a little concerned that I’ve not heard from you since the last general election. Leading up to that, you sent me quite a few messages of one kind or another. So, the lack of correspondence since then is slightly concerning.

Anyway, a belated congratulations for holding your position as my parliamentary representative. I look forward to more regular correspondence once you have had a chance to settle back in. No doubt, you are keen to know my thoughts and concerns as one of your constituents. So, I decided to take the initiative.

Firstly, I wonder how the promised increase in the number of UK nurses (by 50,000) is coming on? Clearly, this will be very timely, what with recent absences due to Covid-19 and fewer nurses applying from the EU. Could you please update me as to the current situation? Similarly, could you please bring me up to speed with the progress of the 40 new hospitals?

I look forward to receiving your response in due course,

Kind regards,

Brian Madigan