Chance Encounter

A chance meeting at a wedding, in the early 2000s, led to me working on a series of Nestle ‘Wonka’ ads for CG animator Paul Smith. On the strength of this, I was taken on by London-based agency 44PointOne. During that period, I wrote tracks for Shell, Wilkinson Sword, Kit Kat, Aviva, Felix, Clark’s, Kellogg’s, Comfort and others. Bandwidth, back then, was limited. So, the file copies I have of these ads are compressed and unfinished. However, they remain a useful archive of the work done.

Fun and Games

After a number of years away from this industry, I was approached – in 2013 – by games developer Endnight Games. They were working on ‘The Forest’ for PlayStation 2 and had found my track ‘Morning’ on the online music library Audio Micro. They licenced the track for their ad and invited me to create a soundtrack for the game.

A New Focus

In 2019, I attended the ‘FOCUS’ global film and TV production conference in Islington, London. There, I made several connections, including with the production house ‘Fixation’. You can view their ad for the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin below.

Rolling Out the Big Guns

Around the same time, I made contact with the Executive Producer at Hogarth Worldwide. She commissioned me to write a track for an upcoming campaign. Hogarth were delighted with my work and the relationship continues.

The Future is Virtual

Another connection made at FOCUS was with the new global post-production network VRTL. They have put me on their composers roster and I hope to be creating music for their clients in due course.