Pioneering Production

It’s a whole new world out there. During a recent, virtual FOCUS production event, I encountered ‘Triality’, who are pioneering new ways of funding and producing films, TV and advertising. I was asked to create some themes for their feature film ‘The Harvest’, which is in development. You can hear a sample of the main theme in the video, above.

Vintage – Or Not…

One of my proudest achievements, writing to picture, was replacing the track for a CG animation. The animator had believed the original music was authentic early jazz. However, it turned out this was a contemporary recording. His producer was unable to locate the composer to secure usage rights, so asked if I could help.

Whilst jazz is not my speciality, I had performed (on drums) with some top vintage jazz players in London. So, I enlisted their help for the recording. Working to my MIDI mock-up, the late, great Fergus Read laid down piano, guitar, clarinet and trumpet. We then brought in Malcolm Earle Smith on Trombone and Sarah Waterhouse on Tuba, with me on drums.

Perfect Partnership

Writer/Director Paul Dudbridge was working at ITV West when he invited me to create a score for his moving family drama ‘The Perfect Date’ in 2007. Subsequently, I wrote the end credit music for his short film ‘Winter’s End’, shown on ITV on Christmas Day 2008.

Reeling in The Years

Working initially with dance led to collaborations in a variety of creative fields, one of which was film. My first film score was for a student production, whilst studying in London. This was achieved with frighteningly limited means but well received. Since then, I have written for comedy, animation, action-adventure and social realism pictures. A reel of some of my earlier work can be seen above.


The Harvest – Triality; David Merry / Larry Horowitz

R.E.D. S.A.L.L.Y. – MMM; dir. Oskar Jon

16 – Cliff Productions; dir. Daniel Wilding

Full Circle – Independent; dir. Karl Curling

Winter’s End – Hanover Pictures; dir. Paul Dudbridge

Fault Lines – Light Films; dir. Nick Light

The Perfect Date – Hanover Pics; dir. Paul Dudbridge

Circus of the Damned – Indi; dir. Eddie Young

Cutting the Rose – Independent; dir. Vicky Lynn

Mortus Illumina – 5YLAC Film; dir. Chance

Pipe Down – Moving House Films; dir. Paul Smith

Billy’s Day Out – Tilt Films; dir. Iain B MacDonald

Attack of The Clowns – Harp28, dir. Mike P Read

The Old Tool Box – Southstreet; dir. Oscar Stringer

A Nun’s Tale – Southstreet; dir. Oscar Stringer

Deadlights – 5YLAC Film; dir. Chance

Gratuitous Nudity – 5YLAC Film; dir. Chance