Rivers Deep

Currently, I am the regular drummer/percussionist for alt-folk combo Rivers of England. This is the brainchild of writer/frontman Rob Spalding. Over the years, the band line-up has included various folk and rock luminaries, including Innes Sibun (Robert Plant, Buddy Guy). The new EP – ‘Quarter to Eight in Spring’ features Beth Porter (Newton Faulkner, Eliza Carthy, The Unthanks, etc.) on cello and composer/pianist extraordinaire Jools Scott on keys.

Plucky Heroes

Previously, I was on drums with Blues/Funk groovers ‘Plucky Purcell‘, which was a lot of fun. Highlights included a storming set at Glastonbury’s Rabbit Hole stage, a roof/fund-raising night at The Plough in Easton (Bristol) and a support gig with The Beat at Bath’s Komedia.

Thompson’s Holidays

Around the same time, I was on percussion and vocals with Thompson’s Lovechild, alongside Jason Albarin on drums (Plucky Purcell’s percussionist ). Our first gig was at a cider farm, where we were handsomely paid in produce. And things descended from there! One (barely) memorable highlight was an appearance at Sunrise Festival – the inspiration for my song ‘Avin it Large’.

Folk Roots

Soon after arriving in Bath, in the mid 1990s, I ran into an old college friend, harpist and singer Jenny Crook. She had established herself as a leading light in the folk world, coming runner-up in the BBC folk awards and scoring David Attenburgh’s Private Life of Plants, together with Maclaine Colston. She had a folk trio with fiddle player Henry Sears (Afterhours, Daily Planet) and guitarist Dom Harrison (Southern Exposure, Daily Planet). This – with my addition – became ‘Madigan’.

Wounded Wisdom

Probably the highlight of my live performing career so far was on percussion, flute and vocals with the inimitable mystical/psychedelic-acoustic combo Wise Wound. It’s hard to describe the intensity of this experience. More a way of life than a band, we played hundreds of gigs in and around London, including a residency at the legendary Bunjies in Soho. We were regulars at numerous festivals, including Glastonbury appearances on just about all but the main stages. The band was also instrumental in introducing live music to what has now become the Avalon Café.

Live/Recording Credits

I Smell Burning – retro pop-rock – drums, vocals

Rivers of England – alt-folk – drums, percussion, vocals

Binderos – jazz/rock/latin fusion – drums, percussion

World Government – drums

Thompson’s Lovechild – indie pop/rock

Plucky Purcell – blues/funk – drums

The Locust Recipe – prog rock – drums

Chance & The Lucky Aces – indie punk/rock

The Golden Eggs – Christmas folk – percussion, vocals

The Soap Dodgers – rock ‘n’ roll, blues, funk – percussion

The Kneutsons – indie pop – drums, vocals

Cartwheel Ceilidh – trad folk – drums

Round Midnight – jazz standards – drums

Tracy Island – cult TV/film themes – drums

Childe Roland – psychedelic, mythical, electro-acoustic rock – percussion, flute, vocals

De Pasz (Germany) – latin/funk/jazz/rock fusion – percussion

Pas Partous (Germany) – acoustic covers – percussion, flute, vocals

Toni Tanner (Germany) – singer-songwriter – drums, percussion, flute, vocals

HodmadodderyEnglish/Celtic folk – flute, percussion

The Bath Tub Ceilidh Band Celtic/English folk – drums

Caspakopf – inide pop-rock – drums, vocals

Madigan – Irish/American folk-rock – drums, flute

Debbie & The Dynamics – reggae – drums

The Andy Burden Band – acoustic folk-pop – flute, drums, percussion, vocals

Super Rhythm Express – Southern African grooves – drums

Wise Wound – psycho-acoustic pop/rock – percussion, flute, vocals, drums

Bert Weedon – 60s/70s guitar virtuoso – drums

Charlie Round-Turner Trio – swing – drums

DMZ – hard rock – drums

Tanglefoot Celtic/English folk – drums

Bob Whale & The Marleys – funk/pop/reggae – drums

The Thin & Quiet Elastic Cats (US) – jazz-fusion – drums

Radford University Jazz Combo (US) – swing, jazz, funk – drums

Fergus Read Ensemble – vintage Jazz – drums

The Essential Bears – prog/blues/rock – drums

Self-Service – indie pop/rock – drums

Inside Out – acoustic folk-pop – drums

Legend – pop/folk – drums, flute, piano

Lorelei – melodic rock – drums

Collision – hard rock – drums

Aunt Agatha’s Secret – new wave – drums

Feedback – punk/new wave – drums