Call Me An Ambience

Fellow composer Jon William Richard has invited me to contribute flute and percussion to his forthcoming ‘JWR’ live shows. His music is ethereal and ambient: whilst I’m not on the recordings, the flute fits beautifully against live strings and trumpet for the live shows. These will also incorporate spoken word and theatrical elements to create an immersive experience.

Everything and Anything

A couple of years ago, I bumped into members of a community orchestra, whilst setting up for a gig at Bath Festival’s Party in The City. They were there as part of a band but disappeared before my set saying ‘sorry we’ve got to go and play in our orchestra’. I mentioned I play flute and they said ‘come along’. So I did.

Putting the ‘Mad’ into Hod-oddery

One of the greatest complements I ever received was from guitarist Ed Boyd. Ed performs regularly with folk-maestros Flook, alongside some of the best flautists in the business. He was on the sound desk when I played with Hodmadoddery a few years ago for Bath Festival and commended me for my flute playing. Cheers Ed.

Wise Wind

Wise Wound at Bunjies

Between 1992 and 1996, I was a member of the astonishing, acoustic-psych-folk band Wise Wound, on percussion and flute. The band’s founder and Songwriter, Sue Chewter, had an amazing ear for counter-melody. So, I would interweave flute lines between the main vocal, cello and – occasionally – second flute. Happy days.


An early collaboration saw me team up with singer-songwriter Sarah Portlock, who grew up in my home town of Sandhurst, Berkshire. Though we didn’t know one another prior to that, she sought me out as a fellow ambitious local musician and writer. Together, we wrote, recorded and did the then-traditional trawling round record companies in London. Bizarrely, we recorded a demo in the home studio of one Matthew Corbett (he of Sooty fame!). It’s a long story.


JWR – flute, precussion

Orchestra of Everything – flute, percussion

Andy Burden Band – flute, percussion, vocals

Child Roland – percussion, flute

Hodmadoddery – flute, percussion

Madigan – drums, flute

Bath Tub Ceilidh – drums, flute

Legend – drums, keys, guitar, vocals, flute