Bike to the Future

Following the success of my ‘Think of a…’ fringe theatre trilogy (see below), I began work on a cycle-based touring show, ‘Bike to the Future‘. The aim was to take this around the country by bike and an initial tour to Cornwall had been booked for summer 2020. We all know what happened next. But, this project is now back up and running, following a special theatrical preview in June 2022, at the Old Theatre Royal Bath.

Think of a Show

A few years ago, I read an amazing book by performance artist Marina Abramovic, ‘Walk Through Walls’. It made me realize I hadn’t really challenged myself creatively for some time. This, coupled with an earlier experience of performing John Cage’s 4’33” at a Christmas event, led to the creation of my experimental Fringe Theatre show ‘Think of a Song’. Which, in turn, became a trilogy.

The first show was built around a sequence of songs that provide a narrative thread. This looks at how we can break free from the constraints of our inherent situation, both individually and as a society. The songs are presented silently, played through in my mind, putting both performer and audience in an uncomfortable situation. The finale provides an uplifting and moving release from this unease.

Think of a Sequel

So how do you follow a silent show? I wanted to continue the theme of taking both performers and audience out of their comfort zones. So, I assembled a group of musicians with whom I have connections but who had never met before the performance. All are top improvisors and seasoned performers.

Their task was to interpret my spoken introductions; launching into whatever occurred to them at the end of each story. Having never met, they would be responding not only to my words but also one another. To their improvised backing, I would then deliver a spontaneous version of each song introduced. So, none of us knew what would come out.

All Good Things Must End

So, what happens when the show is over – both metaphorically and literally? This show explores endings in general and the end in particular. Again, audience expectations were dashed and their physical comfort challenged.


Bike to The Future – Old Theatre Royal Bath

  • Brian Madigan – vocals & guitar
  • Rob Whale – violin & vocals
  • Steve Holder – double bass
  • Florian Madigan – drums
  • Martin Cradick – guitar
  • Choir – Heather Kale; Ed Corbishley; Olli Finch; Ellie Marchant; Stephane Dougan-Hyde; Simon Kale; Jill Hollin; Sally Chown

Bike to The Future – Rondo Theatre Royal Bath

  • Brian Madigan – vocals & guitar
  • Rob Whale – violin & vocals
  • Jools Scott – piano
  • Jason Albarin – bass
  • Rick – drums
  • Choir – Heather  Kale; Lucy Kale; Laura James; Sharon Gilling; Florian Madigan; Jayne   Rolls; Mark Cahill; Ollie Finch

Think of a Conclusion – Old Theatre Royal Bath

  • Brian Madigan – vocals & guitar
  • Dan Whiston – bass
  • Dominic Bailey-Clay – drums
  • Andy Burden – guitar & vocals
  • Francis Faux – conductor
  • Choir – Bath Spa University Choir
  • Choreography – Michelle Rochester
  • Dancers – Michelle Rochester; Kara Herbert; Natasha  Parker-Edwards; João  Oliveira; Katie   Copeland; Gloriana  Davies; Libby  Tiernan; Francesca  Nicol  

Think of a Sequel – Old Theatre Royal Bath

  • Brian Madigan – vocals & guitar
  • Veryan Weston – keyboards
  • James Watts – reeds, whistles, percussion
  • Tony Orrell – drums
  • Dancers – Matthew Howard; Natasha  Parker-Edwards; João  Oliveira; Raquel  dos Santos; Shona  Milford; Funda Kemal; Mariana Marcelino; Matt  Cleary; Michelle Rochester; Kara Herbert 

Think of a Song – Old Theatre Royal Bath

  • Brian Madigan – vocals & guitar
  • Paul Bradley – guitar & vocals
  • Choir – Bath Spa University Choir