Music Improv

Making it Up

Music improvisation has always been close to my heart. After all, composing is just improvisation that has been captured and organised. It’s a constant wonder where it all come from. So, to facilitate others – especially those that don’t consider themselves to be ‘musical’ – has always been fascinating.

I first studied music improvisation at Middlesex Polytechnic, taking part in workshops alongside dancers and other musicians. Later, I trained with Creative Factory in Wiltshire and took part in a series of workshops and performances with drummer/improviser-extraordinaire Tony Orrell (Goldfrapp, Gas Giants, etc.).

Workshops Led

Dance Teacher Training – Old Bull Arts Centre, Barnet

Anglia Summer Schools – workshops & performances with Hot Savoury Soufflés dance co

SNAP Theatre Co Summer School – Bishops Stortford

VSO Conference – Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Bath Spa University – BA Dance Students music and movement improvisation

Bath Spa University – BA Drama Students music and movement improvisation

Fosse Way School – music and movement improv for pupils with learning difficulties

‘Music is Rubbish’ – APEX workshops for B&NES schools holiday programme

Arts For All – Midsomer Norton open event: music improvisation workshops