Thanks for visiting my website. Over the years, I have worn many different hats in my various musical explorations. These have ranged from composer to workshop leader, drummer to flautist. So, I thought it would be good to join the dots a little and present everything in one place.

Broadly speaking, my work falls into three categories: composer, performer, and educator. So I have arranged some information and examples under these headings. Please take a look around – and do get in touch: it would be lovely to hear from you.


I create music to order for theatre, dance, film, advertising and digital media. My output covers a wide range of styles and genres. These include: piano pieces; orchestral arrangements; abstract soundscapes; electronica and whatever else takes my fancy.

Favourite composers include Gavin Bryars, Max Richter, Charles Ives, Anna Meredith, Aphex Twin, Philip Glass and Gustav Mahler. But my listening goes far wider, with current favourites including Kae Tempest, Bill Calahan, The Streets, Led Bib, Fontaines DC and School Teacher.



I perform on drums, percussion, guitar, vocals and flute. As drummer and percussionist, I have appeared with punk bands, pit orchestras, folk, pop, rock, world music, jazz and improv groups. As a solo artist, I write and record under the name ‘a Band named Brian’.

In recent years, I have developed, produced and performed a series of Fringe Theatre shows. These comprise a trilogy in which I have tried to break down conventions of performance, whilst delivering an accessible and enjoyable entertainment.



Over the years, I have led numerous workshops in music improvisation. These have included work with actors, dance teachers, children with learning difficulties and volunteer workers in Africa.

The basis for these was formed whilst studying at Middlesex Polytechnic. I later completed a course with Creative Factory at Wiltshire Music Centre. I also took part in workshops and performances with renowned drummer and improvisor Tony Orrell (Goldfrapp, Gas Giants) at Bath Fringe Festival.

In the early 2000s, I worked as a mentor on the government-sponsored Diploma in Creative Technology at a number of schools and colleges in Wiltshire. More recently, I have provided one-to-one mentoring in music composition, as well as teaching drums.

Since the early 1990s, I have run ‘Dance Notes’, providing resources for primary Dance education. These have been used in schools throughout the UK, as well as overseas.